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Say YES! to Le GREEN Car

The benefit to East London's economy from London's Docklands development is plain for all to see, unfortunately, this has resulted in increased traffic pollution, noise and dust, which in turn effects Public Health and puts an added burden on an already over-stretched NHS with increasing costs.

The creation of a new City Airport in the heart of London was welcomed by local businesses here, but many living under the flight path have complained about increased levels of noise and pollution from aircraft. The challenge for a sustainable future is to reduce these levels to a minimum and to improve the environment of our Cities.

Integrated Public Transport means including Roads, Rail and River, and the Canal system too, the River Thames has a large network of under-used Canals that both Commercial and Public transport can exploit to the full. All of us can benefit from accessable and affordable integrated transport which uses the latest green technology producing low carbon emmission.

Frazer Nash, one of Britain's great Companies, Metrail has built an amazing Monorail that doesn't require an electrified rail to run on, and, unlike the Thames cablecar, it is not affected by high cross-winds, and can carry goods as well as people. Not only is this remarkable British invention extremely economical to run, but ticks all the 'green' environment boxes, it can run in areas where there is limited space. and, unlike the new hybrid buses, won't get stuck in traffic jams. Just one monorail traversing London's City centre would by-pass all existing snarl-ups. It is an ideal solution for London's congestion and should be a top priority in planning a sustainable Transport future for this great City.

Although our busy Roads are hazardous for cyclists more people than ever are 'getting on their bikes' and cycling, there is an increased demand for cycle lanes, bike racks, and car-free zones, at least Boris Johnson got his bike policy right, local people and visitors alike benefit from a car-free environment where traffic and noise is not allowed to blight their shopping and sightseeing experience, legislation should be passed to seperate the pedestrian from dangerous road traffic altogether.

Let's face it, no pedestrian enjoys being stuck on a tiny obelisk in the middle of a busy main road waiting for the other half of the traffic lights to turn to red while menacing traffic hurtles past within inches. Every year people are killed while crossing busy main roads, pedestrians must be encouraged to use safer crossings like underpasses, the exagerated, fear of being mugged there is unlikely to occur in brightly lit underpasses with attendant toilets and surveilance cameras.

Linking the pedestrian directly to shopping precincts with a reduced need to cross at traffic lights, would help to create the people friendly City we all desire, speeding up traffic and reducing pollution would save £millions and people would get to work on time, reducing stress, there would be no need to rat-run through the back streets, this would help to raise the quality of life for residential areas

Enhancing City life for commuters, visitors, shoppers and local residents will save money and improve Public health. People Friendly Cities must become a top priority for any Government or local Authority if we are ever to tackle environment and climate change. If these simple remedies sound like 'Utopia' read on, because reducing man made pollution with simple integrated city schemes can be cost effective and really work, economically and socially, all that is required is a political will to act, and act fast.

London communities have proposed a radical solution to improve the Inner City environment. this idea was also supported by Mayor Boris Johnson, meaning the removal of traffic lights on select major routes in and out of the City. Helping traffic to flow more freely and reducing snarl-ups and rat-runs, new roundabout schemes would be needed to regulate traffic as well as speed cameras.

The City environment is badly effected by daily snarl-ups damaging public health, it also makes people late for work, it burdens the economy. Too many traffic-lights slow and stop traffic, thereby building up high levels of pollution, frequently stopped or slowed drivers become agitated and frustrated, they might suddenly decide to 'rat-run' through a residential side street in order to avoid main route congestion.

The driver in a hurry is bad news, he or she can easily have a serious accident, research has shown that stressed drivers will often exhibit aggressive behaviour towards other road users, the Press reports alarming increases of 'road rage incidents in recent years

The introduction of 'Shop and Stop' drive in bays carved into wider pavements along many busy shopping routes would be a boon to ailling small businesses, passing drivers would be able to park in these off road bays for a short period of shopping time at minimal cost, they cannot do that at present without causing congestion on busy routes by parking on restricted yellow lines and then getting penalty tickets. Stop and Shop

No more rat-runs would mean no need for road humps, they were originally designed to discourage rat-run drivers from speeding in built-up areas, unfortunately they often fail to protect local citizens A driver in a hurry, coming off a busy thoroughfare and taking a short-cut through a residential area is likely to increase the risk of accident.

Local pedestrians expect humps to slow traffic so they tend to cross the street under a false sense of security, drivers in a hurry tend to accelerate between road humps, badly designed '3 in a row' humps encourage approaching vehicles to jockey for position in order to cross over them, they are dangerous and a complete waste of taxpayers money, they should be removed forthwith.

Discarded traffic-lights, road-humps (did we hear you cheer?) and cut Journey times would save huge sums of money, this could be invested in creating a modern integrated and efficient Public Transport system that this great City desperately needs, City dwellers, commuters, visitors, and local residents would greatly benefit from more money for the environment, with more greenery and trees being planted along kerbsides, more 'people friendly' areas for relaxing and shopping in, all helping to enhance the quality of life for everyone. The green challenge is to start NOW and build a sustainable future.

The London pedestrian daily faces the threat from traffic and endures intolerable levels of exhaust pollution and stress, he or she is put at further risk by ill designed measures to control the traffic chaos in our Cities, Children are especially at risk from traffic accidents while playing on the Streets or leaving school during rush-hours, London is crying out for an imaginative plan to improve the quality of life for its Citizens and visitors, all of whom wish to enjoy this great City of ours.

We must rid ourselves of the pollution hazard from traffic that daily threatens our lives and destroys our living environment, road side tests have proved that vehicles stopped by traffic lights create a serious build-up of carbon monoxide, dangerously high levels of combustion toxins not only threaten the health of local people but of vehicle Drivers too.

Consistantly high levels of toxic emissions measured in inner city areas are suspected of having contributed to increasing numbers of School children suffering from Asthma attacks and general poor health.

Research into Pollution from vehicle exhaust emissions is now well documented and shows that exhausts emit particles of hydro-carbons amongst other harmful substances and carcinogens, once lodged in the lungs causes cancer, etc. A number of recent tests proved that levels of pollution measured by London's local Authorities exceeded danger thresholds set by the European Commission, the concentration of high rise building in City centres compounds the problem by trapping dust, fumes and other harmful substances in confined areas.

Tests found that Long exposure to leaded petrol and diesal fumes may have caused hyper-activity and retardation in children and young adults during the 80s many local applicants for City jobs were turned down as un-employable during the Docklands boom, more urgent research is needed on this complex subject.

In the USA research produced surprising figures which showed that the inhalation of car exhaust toxins measured over a specific period resulted in far more fatalities than actual road traffic accidents measured over the same period. It is therefore urgent that Government acts quickly to tackle the scourge of inner City traffic pollution which has become an environmental 'blot on the landscape' of progress.

Government must take on the challenge of inner City environmental pollution, it is not good enough signing up to high minded decrees at World Conferences like Rio,Kyoto, and Copenhagen, etc. if the threat to sustainability from man-made pollution and its effects on the living environment are not being addressed head on, the fact is, many Local Authorities, Developers, Planners and Politicians still continue to shun their responsibilities to the local Environment.

Promises made by politicians at 'Agenda 21' conferences have not been kept, gas guzzling vehicles on our roads continue to be given priority in their plans and considerations, over greener alternative concepts that would improve the environment and create healthier 'people friendly' Cities.

Previous Mayor Ken Livingstone introduced congestion charging amid concern that it might further increase snarl-ups and pollution, some felt a devious politician might abuse it by encouraging even more vehicles to enter the city, so far, the jury is still out, it is claimed initial administration difficulties have been overcome, and it may be introduced in other Cities of the UK, We hope that all monies received will be wisely invested in efficient modern Public Transport for London.

The promised vision of efficient integrated and reliable Public Transport still seems a long way off, elected Politicians must keep their promises and introduce a transport system worthy of this great City, we mus be rid of the residues of the 'Beeching and Marples' era. Meanwhile Public health continues to be effected by intolerably high levels of pollution from vehicle emissions as politicians debate on how to achieve a Public Transport System fit for the people of London. After so long, isn't it time to invest in a Public Transport system worthy of this great City?

When it comes to Public Health radical solutions are already being taken by manufacturers of vehicles, the desperate need to reduce dangerous emission levels from Traffic pollution is obvious, while City GPs struggle to take on extra patients, many with respiratory problems, etc. the urgent need for action NOW is underlined to improve the City environment and general Public health.

In the long run, car exhaust Pollution from the internal combustion engine threatens everyone's health, whether we live, work or play, in the City, fortunately, New 'green' car technology is being developed. Many leading Companies are beginning to diversify by investing in environmentally friendly vehicles, cars can run on gas or electric cells (or both) with good results. City pollution challenges us all, it has become a scourge bringing poor health in its wake, it drains the resources of our National Health Service, and makes no economic sense at all.

Improving environmental health depends on positive action by Government, Working for a sustainable future is the only choice worth contemplating for a healthy, happy, and prosperous future.

We cannot afford to over-burden the National Health Service with illnesses due to a poor inner City environment. it must be clear, even to a simpleton, that the continued use of that infernal combustion engine in our Cities, will lead us no-where, we must all make the choice to work for a sustainable future, the technology that exists today can greatly improve our quality of life, it requires some courage to act for a sustainable future, but there is no other alternative worth contemplating.

To sustain a Planet fit for habitation, leadership 'while thinking Globally' must also 'act locally' to enhance the City environment in accordance with the principals of agenda21 and Kyoto.....

Say NO to Le Belching CAR!

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