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Roxane Gilmore, Virginia's First Lady, Comes to Town

On Saturday October 1st. 2000, First Lady of Virginia, Roxane Gilmore, Wife of Virginia's Governor James Gilmore 111, paid a flying visit to East London, as the elected Honorary co-chair of the 'Jamestown2007' Committee.

First Lady Roxane is on Dr. Kelso's APVA team in Virginia, as she herself is an experienced archaeologist, and was accompanied by America's top selling author, Patricia Cornwell with her ex husband and business Manager Charlie. they were also accompanied by Dr Bill Kelso, and his APVA team of archeaologists, his wife, and ex first Lady Jeanne Bailles. All determined to see Blackwall at low-tide and visit a newly restored First Settlers Monument at 'Virginia Quay'.

Low tide meant an early start for everyone but any jet-lag didn't show on these intrepid visitors whose visit to East London had been arranged at such short notice, nevertheless Rosemary Taylor, Mary Mills, Ian Sharpe, Sister Christine, and David Clark all turned up early to welcome the visitors who had flown especially from Virginia the previous day to see Blackwall and research the Leamouth area.

the group had also planned to visit the Museum in Docklands

'LEA Heritage Group' (re-discovering history) was called at short notice to provide an adequate tour of Blackwall for our notable visitors from America on a second visit to Blackwall, unlike their first visit, they arrived in Limousines this time.

Chair of 'LEA HEritage Group' praised his colleagues for having attended at such a short notice, "our visitors recognise the important role of our voluntary community work helping to preserve significant local heritage sites, the first settlers monument at Blackwall is one of many more important historic sites in East London, we are delighted that they chose us to show them around."

The visiting entourage toured Blackwall visiting the newly restored First settlers Monument, "this visit helps us to better understand Britain's role in history" said the Chair, thanking David Clark, Mary Mills, and Sister Christine Frost of 'SPLASH' for their support, and especially Rosemary Taylor "who is not only an accomplished historian and author, but also a highly experienced Tour Guide, having written a number of books on East London history".

The local Pub in Coldharbour Lane provided an informal and very friendly setting for refreshment and a friendly chat with our visitors, David Clark, Secretary of the 'LEA Heritage'Community' lives nearby, he invited everyone to his home in Coldharbour lane for Tea and refreshments, and soon our visitors were on their way after this cordial and friendly visit.

The First Settlers Monument, Blackwall

Please note Patricia Cornwell, America's famous authoress, has since written a novel about Blackwall)

Reception for Governor Gillmore in London
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