Why Celebrities choose to live in 'trendy Wapping'
Before the 1980s development of Docklands, Wapping Village was known for its Artist community, many of whom chose to inhabit the old wharfs along the riverside, now these have been replaced with luxury suites they have been snapped up, many by Celebrities who have chosen Wapping as London's trendiest place to live.

Who can blame them? Wapping and adjoining Shadwell with its 'jewel in the Crown' Royal Tower of London , has a brilliant history and culture, with excellent views of the Thames, good local public transport links to South London via Brunel's Wapping Station, as well as frequent local Bus Services to the City.

Wapping also has the oldest and most famous Pubs in Britain, its many famous taverns along the River are renown the World over, the 'prospect of Whitby' and 'Captain Kidd' are just two where smugglers gathered amid famous sea Captains to drink and do nifty deeds, the recent growing demand from new locals for top quality Restaurants has brought cuisine excellence to the area.

Thomas Jefferson's mother once lived here, Captain Bligh made his home here, Samuel Pepys wrote famous works here, and the 'battle of Cable Street' took place here, Wapping and Shadwell's remarkable riverside walkway stretches from the Tower of London to the Isle of Dogs, its 'King Edward V11 Memorial Park' was uniquely given 'to the people of East London by Royal decree, to 'their enjoyment forever'.

Wapping and Shadwell is, not only a great place to visit, but to those who can afford to live here, a very good choice indeed.



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