Civilians Remembered Trust
Registered Charity No. 1093621
Board of Trustees
Lord Allen sheppard of Didgemere (Chair)
Marianne Fredericks
Maureen Davis
Anthony Pidgely (The Berkeley Group)
Oona King MP
Stephen O'Brien CBE
Jon Aldenton (The Environment Trust)

Latest News - 2009



Dear Members, Friends and Supporters,

The trust has now closed, after a long and gruelling campaign we have managed to establish a Civilians Remembered Memorial at Hermitage basin, nothing would have been achieved without your help, this memorial exists today because of you.

On April 14th. 2004 The Trust announced that Tower Hamlets planning committee had passed our planning application for a National Civilians Remembered Memorial at Hermitage Riverside in Wapping, the culmination of many years of community campaigning, public inquiries, a hectic few months of redesigning the memorial to fit the cost, and ammending and agreeing plans with the various statutory agencies.

The memorial at Wapping's riverside would never have been achieved without your help and support, many thanks to everyone.

on behalf of Marianne Fredericks and the Trust:
'Lest we forget'
Ian Sharpe (Chair of LEAheritage Group)

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